GMAU 90 Day Challenge – Ultimate Bo, Week 1 Recap

GMAU 90 Day Challenge – Ultimate Bo, Week 1 Recap

Week 1 of training began with…vacation. Really!

The week before involved illnesses, overtime, less sleep than usual, and general schedule chaos. Hence the slight delay in starting the GMAU 90 Day Challenge. (Do forgive me, Sensei!)


This is training? BRING IT ON!

But on to the good stuff! The first week of training was on the lighter side, getting back into shape after a summer of a little too much fun traveling the western half of the United States, working at two different week-long camps, and heading up an art workshop (not to mention getting my “middle-class” dream car in the middle of all this!)

Part of my job involves following the family I help on some of their trips to help out with the younger kids (some call it nannying). This week, we went to Bastrop, TX for a business trip at a Hyatt Resort. My job was to take some of the kids to the lazy river & waterpark. Where there’s water, I’m bound to get resistance training in one way or the other, from swimming to pushing the kids around the lazy river. I have to say, the views were simply a delight…




Although I did not have any of my bo staffs with me, I was able to practice some of my strikes and forms with my arms, getting some light calisthenics in during my free moments (not very many, but better than none). Environment is important in nurturing a positive and productive lifestyle, and I have to say, I think this resort did a splendid job with giving me the opportunity to train with a view.

A great environment to get some stretching in!

But look out for Week 2 recap! I’m doing a challenge within a challenge.


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