GMAU 90 Day Challenge – Ultimate Bo, Week 2 Recap

GMAU 90 Day Challenge – Ultimate Bo, Week 2 Recap

Why not add another challenge on top of another? After all, life has a way of doing that to us more often than not.

Two of my passions in one shot: art and the ocean
20% of these sales benefited the university’s Art Department from which I graduate

Busyness has been through the roof since the last blog post, with preparations for a day of alumni selling original artwork and handmade crafts at the University of Dallas (my alma mater). It was a successful event, but getting to that point required LOTS of busy work. I barely had time for anything that week, much less formal training for bo, but thankfully, my daily job always has me running about, lifting 25 – 50 pound kids, picking things up off the floor every few minutes, and occasionally informally utilizing some of the bo techniques I’ve learned to gently “disarm” the kids when they get a hold of something they shouldn’t (i.e. a marker, pencil, spoon, etc), by taking the other end of the object and moving it in a small figure-8 to release it from their fingers at loosest point in their grip. Works smoothly every single time, without the pain/risk of injury involved in a tug-of-war match and minimal complaining from the kids (mostly awe that I was able to get it out of their hands so effectively).

But despite the busy schedule, which has returned to a more stable schedule now, I was able to work on that new challenge I mentioned from last week’s post.

At the beginning of week 2 of the GMAU 90 Day Challenge, I decided to help reset my system and kick it back into gear with Advocare’s 24 Day Challenge. This is not the first time I’ve done this challenge. Phase 1 of the challenge is the cleanse phase and lasts 10 days. Now, when I say “cleanse” I don’t mean the kind that leave you stuck in the bathroom 24/7. This cleanse is very gentle, consisting of probiotics and fiber (both soluble and insoluble) in the morning, and herbal cleanse before bed. It’s as simple as that! Not only has it left me feeling more energetic and refreshed each passing day, but I’ve already lost a couple of unwanted pounds!

Cleanse Phase of Advocare’s 24 Day Challenge

What I like about this cleanse is that it resets your body for maximum nutrient absorption at the end of the 10 days. That’s something everyone needs, but even more so when you’re training for your next rank exam.

In the next recap, I’ll be doing not only the Max Phase of the 24 Day Challenge, I will also be doing something particularly exciting. Stay tuned!


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